Monday, April 28, 2008

Life In The Slow Lane

I LOVE NOT WORKING! I know I can't get too comfortable staying home, but for a few weeks I'm going to revel in it! it okay to hit the wine at 6 pm on a weekday? Yep, I think it is.

My resume is almost ready to start posting. There is a job exactly suited to me on Monster. That's where I got the last job. I did learn a lot at the "mean people place" so it wasn't an entirely bad experience. Hopefully I still have a few of the friends I made there. No more humiliation, though. Every job I've ever had has ended up with some kind of bad feeling. It must be me because I'm the only common denominator. I'm learning. Old dog -- old tricks. I blame my mother.

Every time a DOD announcement comes through my e-mail I cringe. Sometimes I want to walk away from this responsibility. But if I do then someone else has to take it on. It is very depressing for a depressed person to constantly be dealing with death. Especially the death of other military parents' children. "There but for the grace of God . . ." But what saved mine?Speaking of "mine," here's The Photo (preggie is in the middle, obviously). Isn't it funny? That's Kris by the groom, looking like he has a gigantic headache, and Austin, far right. Kris is 6', my husband is 6'2", so you can imagine how HUGE Austin is. He works out constantly now that he is in the Wounded Troops Program. If only they'd just let him COME HOME! That's when I will really feel relieved -- when Austin is home in Our Town!

Grandmother stuff: she had her first dr. apptmt. today and the little one is due Jan 2, 2009. We will hope for a 2008 tax deduction, but have so many "Christmas" birthdays already. So far the concept of a baby coming our way is too surreal. I think that and having abruptly quit my job has my head spinning. Or is it the wine?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Take This Job And Shove It"

I wish I'd thought to say "take this job and shove it" yesterday at work when I finally had "ENOUGH", packed my stuff and went home. Mean people suck but I don't have to work for them.

More importantly, I'm going to be a GRANDMOTHER!!!! Our daughter who got married in Jan. is expecting a baby in Jan. 09!!!!


SADLY there have been six soldiers from Florida killed in Iraq since April 1, the date I took over the duties of arranging Gold Star Banner presentations on behalf of the Florida Blue Star Mothers. Since I was unable to attend any of the funerals other wonderful people made the presentations.