Friday, November 30, 2007

OMG! Austin is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

We picked him up at the airport three hours ago. I can't believe he's here! We went to dinner w/ him, Cal and Kylee, and I just kept touching him and hugging him and telling him, "you're right here! You're not over THERE or over there, you're right here!" Oh, what a relief it is!!!!!!!!!

When we got back to the house I asked him for another BIG hug. He hugged me and hugged me and hugged me. OMG. There is no "high" available from any drug in the world that could possibly make me happier than I am right now. No amount of lottery winnings; nothing. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks GREAT. He had a lot to tell about his experience in Iraq. He has photos of a lot of the guys in his Company. AND, he was recently promoted to Specialist ---- he didn't even tell us! Surprise! Yeah!

I'm going to bed and will sleep better than I've slept in over a year! I'm sleeping in tomorrow w/ a smile on my face. I couldn't get this smile off my face if I tried. My cheek bones look GREAT! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin will be home-home at 6:00 p.m. today!!!!!!! We haven't seen him in eight months!

Three more days until Kris Leaves Iraq!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Saturday, November 24, 2007

10 More Days 'til he's back in the USA!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Well, that's a good question.

My husband is back at work just four and 1/2 weeks after his triple bypass surgery. His recovery went very well; amazingly well. Modern medicine!

Austin hasn't made it to Florida yet but we're hoping to see him next week for Thanksgiving. He's doing well; he's just waiting for the Army to decide his future. It would be great if he could stay in the Army but have a different MOS.

Kris will be in Iraq for a few more weeks. I'm still holding in that great big sigh! Katie is finishing up her first semester of grad school, bought a new car, and is getting the house ready for Kris to come home --- after 15 months away.

Kylee and Cal have set a date! The March wedding and reception will be on the beach at a restaurant on Anna Maria Island. We're hoping for great weather -- you never know in Florida.

Stef and Jorge are now engaged and have also set a date. Their April wedding and reception will be a very formal affair. So now we're planning TWO spring weddings.

My blogging days are probably numbered. Without all the fear there isn't much to write about. Life is good; and it will be better soon.