Friday, September 26, 2008


"Our" time in the war has come to a close! Austin is home. He is being medically discharged in a few weeks and was finally able to come home after spending 11 months in Warrior Transition. What a wonderful relief for all of us! I can't put into words how the closing of this chapter feels.

Kris & Katie are in grad school where they want to be and now Austin is home where he wants to be. He's living with Kylee and Cal (and soon the baby). They are building him a room in their garage. After sleeping on the ground in 130 degree heat in Baghdad a room in your sister's garage sounds plush!

Austin surprised me Wednesday evening. He wouldn't tell us when he was going to be able to come home. I knew it would be soon and that at some time, some where he was going to be there. I was having dinner at church and he walked up behind me and said "Hi Mom". What a GREAT surprise! Then I went to Kylee's house and was standing in the baby's room with her when Austin walks in. She did the "double take" then started screaming, jumping up and down and crying. It was priceless.

I took Austin to the VA yesterday and today he and Kylee came over for a few hours. What precious time. He looks so good --- like a bodybuilder. And he's happy and smiling and glad to be home.