Friday, November 30, 2007

OMG! Austin is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

We picked him up at the airport three hours ago. I can't believe he's here! We went to dinner w/ him, Cal and Kylee, and I just kept touching him and hugging him and telling him, "you're right here! You're not over THERE or over there, you're right here!" Oh, what a relief it is!!!!!!!!!

When we got back to the house I asked him for another BIG hug. He hugged me and hugged me and hugged me. OMG. There is no "high" available from any drug in the world that could possibly make me happier than I am right now. No amount of lottery winnings; nothing. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks GREAT. He had a lot to tell about his experience in Iraq. He has photos of a lot of the guys in his Company. AND, he was recently promoted to Specialist ---- he didn't even tell us! Surprise! Yeah!

I'm going to bed and will sleep better than I've slept in over a year! I'm sleeping in tomorrow w/ a smile on my face. I couldn't get this smile off my face if I tried. My cheek bones look GREAT! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarge Charlie said...

So long sad times
Go long bad times
We are rid of you at last

Howdy gay times
Cloudy gray times
You are now a thing of the past

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let's sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again

Altogether shout it now
There's no one
Who can doubt it now
So let's tell the world about it now
Happy days are here again

Your cares and troubles are gone
There'll be no more from now on
From now on ...

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So, Let's sing a song of cheer again

Happy times
Happy nights
Happy days
Are here again!

Not a Granny said...

Give him a hug for me! Welcome Home Austin!!!

Cheryl said...

Please give him a BIG hug and thank him for me and my family.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I'm so happy that your suffering is over. Only good days lie ahead. You deserve it.