Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sweet Relief!

After 15 months in Iraq, Kris arrived in the USA Tuesday evening. We'll get to see him when Kris and Katie are in Florida a few days after Christmas and then again for Kylee's wedding and yet again for Stef's wedding. He sounds GREAT! How sweet it is!

Austin is having fun hanging out with his sister and her fiance. He looks good but his knee keeps him from sitting or standing in one position for very long. I didn't know that his knee injury occurred when the Stryker he was in was "blown up." After seeing the before and after photos I'm glad I didn't know about those (yes, "those", not "that") incidences.

I have taken the Blue Star (3 stars) banners off my car and the house. My life is returning to that of a normal middle-age woman with adult children. We're trying to set a date for Kylee's wedding but things keep getting in the way. Stef's wedding is scheduled for April. Two daughters getting married within a few months --- yikes!

If there were only a word or phrase to describe how my heart felt when I had "children" in Iraq and when I don't --- but all I can say is "sweet relief." Due to their situations it is highly unlikely that either Kris or Austin will be returning to Iraq. Thank God!

Life is good.


Sarge Charlie said...

Life is good, thanks for what you went through, I am proud of your kids.

anna jarzab said...

Dear Army Mom Times Three,
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Best wishes,
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Sarge Charlie said...

Just so You know, you will be on my post tomorrow.........

Flag Gazer said...

What wonderful news for a wonderful Christmas season for your wonderful family!

(Wonderful Times Three!)

SGT DUB said...

I'm so glad your family is back safe now. I know it was a difficult time for you, but I believe it made you stronger.