Friday, May 30, 2008

My New Ride!

OK, OK -- I know I don't have a job! But I do have a new car to drive when I get one!!! Actually it's 'new to me' (a/k/a used) and I love it!

We bought the car from a really sweet family who live 70 or so miles away. They were delightful to work with on the sale and we enjoyed meeting them when we picked it up. This was certainly a much better experience than buying through a dealership. I really enjoy meeting nice people.

I'm still trying to find my "purpose". Being creative, especially sewing, would be great. Today I remade an old shower curtain into a window curtain for the bathroom. There's a lot of stuff online about "redux" -- re-purposing discarded or outdated things into new stuff (a/k/a recycling). I have another old shower curtain of really soft waffle weave cotton. It'll make a great throw for my Kylee's sofa. I'm going to start taking before and after photos for online tutorials on my new (so far imaginary) craft blog.


MIUMIU said...

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Kayli Marie said...

Ooooh i like! That is the car my mom was looking at! I got a new ride too, I got it today! :0]

Sarge Charlie said...

seems to me like it should be just right for you, flying down the highway with the top down.

Nita Stelling said...

Well, at least you have that beautiful ride! A newly bought car is a good inspiration to find your "purpose", you know. The color looks fantastic, too! Used cars aren't so bad, especially if they still function like a new one.