Friday, June 6, 2008

The Power of Proud American People

"Granite Grok's Dope of the Week Award"

Claude Roessiger, an executive of Pak 2000, sued the town of Wolfeboro, NH this week over the public display of American Flags on town-owned property. He has since dismissed the lawsuit but is still experiencing the wrath of many proud Americans. Note the 'disclaimer' by the company on its website. My suggestion was that Mr. Roessiger apologize [while standing in front of the local VFW] holding a huge American Flag --- a perfect pie in the face opportunity (and make it a good ol' American Apple Pie).

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This was brought to my attention by another Blue Star Mom. She is part of the infamous group recently referred to in the press as "Moms of Fury" -- mothers who are proud to STAND UP and STAND OUT for America and our military.


Sarge Charlie said...

people like this make me sick

liberal army wife said...

me too. idiotic twerps. Hey there... I thought you had stopped blogging... but I'm glad I came by here and saw you hadn't. Sorry about your MIL, and NO, you shouldn't be ashamed. You drew the line as you needed to for your mental health and that of your family. If your grown up kids wanted to be around your SIL, they would have done so. If they didn't, then they realized the same thing you did, this person was not a health person to be around. I'm that way with my SIL, she won't talk to me or DH (her brother) but is in touch with my DIL (another long story... )

AS for the boss - she is a poisonous bitch, and if Karma is real, will end up the way she deserves to!

We started the Parents Page! and you were one of the people that kept me motivated to do it. So thank you. Drop by if you can.


Anonymous said...

If you delve further into this arrogant idiot's history you will find he trashed the funeral of a local state cop about 12 years ago; that he's a Viet Nam era draft dodger, and flies the flag of Lebanon and Don't Tread on me flags at his home!Check out the local paper for more of his ridiculous rants.