Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

My son Kris called today! I hadn't heard his voice since September! He calls his wife and e-mails me. It was 2 a.m. Monday morning in Iraq when he called me. I was so surprised to answer my phone and hear his voice. Kris never talks about "work" in his e-mails so he obviously wouldn't on the phone. I wanted to know what he was having to deal with "on the job," but he wouldn't give me anything. A few weeks ago I asked Katie if Kris' company had lost any soldiers and she said no. They had some serious injuries but no fatalities. I don't know if that is still the case. Katie told me that a battalion commander had been seriously wounded.

Austin's brigade lost their first soldiers this week in Baghdad. All of Ft.XX shares a news network and discussion forum. From it I learned that another brigade from Ft.XX also lost several soldiers this week.

And now this work mess that came out of nowhere. I have been at this company for three years and have never dreaded going to work until now. In fact, I could go in tomorrow and find all my belongings in a box and myself unemployed. And all over nothing except my boss's moods. In my 30+ years in the work force I have never been spoken to so harshly or treated so inhumanely as I was on Friday.

Irony -- the company gave me this laptop for finding my boss and now it too is falling apart. The "," falls off every day and now the "delete" key is history. I think it's because I usually blog outside where twigs, pollen and bits of leaves fall on the keyboard and have gotten stuck. The other night I spilled cherry pie on it. I wonder if it has a warranty. If Mac users can live w/o a delete key I guess I can too. I'd like to delete last Friday.


jan wesner said...

I have a mac and it has a delete key, although I can't say as I ever use it. I had to actually look at the keyboard to confirm that it does exist. My laptop is also grimy - peanut butter fingerprints, bits of sand, etc. Most recently my son turned on the sprinkler and I suddenly realized it was hitting my laptop, which was outside on the picnic table with my entire life in words and pictures stored on the hard drive!

liberal army wife said...

my ? key is loose, and I have to mash it down a lot.

Glad you heard from Kris and Austin. This has been a very rough couple of weeks.

I wish you hadn't removed the stuff from the MilBlog conference, you have every right to say what you want when you want on your blog (as long as you don't violate OPSEC, of course).

As for the boss, as I said before, talk to HER boss and let them know what is going on. They can't fix what they don't know about.

Michele said...

I'm happy that you got to hear from your sons. It'll help you get thru a little better for the next little while.

Don't hesitate to speak about anything in fear of hurting other people's feelings if it only makes you feel bad inside. I know .... why should you hold things inside to protect others if it eats away at you. "It's your Blog and you can cry if you want to"... :)

jenbriese said...

Hi armymom~ I am a recent reader to your blog, and I just wanted to say that I like your style and your pizzazz when it comes to dealing with your children. It is not easy to let go of our children, especially when they are going into a very dangerous place when they do it. My father was sent over to IRAQ for a year, and my cousin was sent for about a year and a half. It was the most nerve racking time of my life, and I can't imagine what you go through sometimes. I wish you luck and peace and I hope that you find someway to set your boss back on her heels! No one should have to put up with that type of behavior from anyone. Let alone your boss. :)


Sarge Charlie said...

Happy mothers day mom. Sorry about the loss in your son's unit.

Michele said...

Jo Ann, I've awarded you the "Thinking Blogger's Award". It's on my Blog.