Friday, May 11, 2007

Okay, okay!!! I'm back ... brace yourselves!

Thank you all so much for encouraging me to blog again and let my feelings out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One of my issues w/ blogging --- I now shake so badly that it has become hard to type (you should see me eat soup). I am so mind-bogglingly scared out of my mind that fear consumes my every waking minute. It's extremely hard to wake up in the morning because when I'm asleep I don't know that my sons are in danger.

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Today has been a bad day for me. I was actually sent home from work for questioning my boss's verbal abuse. When I explained that I was emotionally ill equipped to handle her demeaning attitude partly because my two sons are in Iraq -- one in Baghdad with no communication, electricity, running water -- my boss rolled her eyes as if to say "so what." (Note: I whine and cry about my sons on this blog but at work I don't say much at all about them and have asked that if someone sees me crying to just let me be and it will pass. ALSO NOTE -- this woman has been married AND divorced FIVE TIMES and has NO children.)

I just finished reading a book called "How to Work for an Idiot" by John Hoover. To summarize, "kiss your bosses a-s-s no matter how badly he/she behaves." Well, I'm sorry but I've got pride and will NOT heed that advice. My "motto" has always been "To Thine Own Self Be True," and I'm not changing it any time soon.

On my way home I called my most recent former boss (of two years; he left the company when it was sold to a HUGE acquisition company) and he said "even when you are distracted your work is better than 95% of anyone else's." My boss before him tells me he loves me every time he asks me to do some side work for him (hummmmm). My boss before that is still a good friend who I meet for lunch now and then. So I kinda don't think it's me.

Here are some recent comments made to me ABOUT my boss: "She's schizophrenic," "she's driving me f'n crazy," "she's devious," "does she have a heart?," "you never know which personality is going to answer the phone." And that's just during the three days I worked this week.

And get this ---- I helped hire her! I did the phone interviews for candidates who answered our Monster ad for a Controller. I brought her in as my choice to be interviewed by our CFO. Dah. Talk about something biting you in the butt! I won't be able to sit down for months.

And "that's the way it is. Good Day."


liberal army wife said...

Only a DIL? well, who ever said that must not really like their DIL... too bad for them. honey, just because we are milbloggers doesn't mean we think alike, or act alike. we are still just people, so there are going to be cliques, there are going to be those that are not welcoming. Well, F(*k 'em. you stick with those you like, let the rest of them stick with those they like.

Your boss... does SHE have a boss? If so, that boss needs to know what is going on. They need to be aware that verbal abuse can lead to lawsuits too.


SGT DUB said...

So, you describe your boss as a "monster", and you hired her after finding her on
I see irony here. Not that it helps you, but hopefully will make you smile each day you see her now. How was the trip, and I hope you don't give up on blogging. Mrs. Dub was scared about me working as a police officer until I had her do a ride-a-long with me. Then she got to see first hand how well all the officers work at looking out for each other. The military is the same way, I know you are going to worry, nothing will change that, but don't let it consume you.

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Mom, just so you know, dub has it right. your boys are in good hands, tomorrow is mothers day, remember all the good times..

too bad about your boss, sounds like a real jerk, the world is full of them.

Michele said...

Happy Mother's Day Jo Ann... I really hope that you are able to enjoy it in your own special ways even tho not everyone was able to be there physically with you this time. You will have many more mother's days to spend with those beautiful sons of yours soon again, so hang in there!

Your boss sounds like a nightmare. That's the last thing you need right now in the midst of trying to cope with everyday life is the mis-doings of a boss. At least your aren't going to "kiss her ass" and you are not going to let her walk on you. I'm proud of you. Liberal army wife has a good point, is there someone above her that you can go to to complain about her about? Do it if you can!

Thanks so much for the feedback on my blog. It meant a lot to me. Friends and acquaintances have come and gone so fast and it's hard because just when you think you started to develop a relationship, whether it be thru blogging or thru personal contact, they run away scared of you, with no explanations and they feel that was the best thing for ME???!!? It would've been better just to tell me and then get out... at least let me defend myself before you judge me... so thank you Jo ann... you are a true friend in my eyes and I too will be here for you!