Thursday, May 10, 2007

Long time, no posts -- I know.

I'm still around, my boys are still ok, and I still live every waking moment in fear.

Once I "get a grip" I will probably start blogging again OR just give it up.

Thanks for checking in on me!


Dixiechick said...

I'm so glad to know that you're ok. Keep in touch.

Stacy said...

No, you are not giving up blogging. Call me if you need to chat.

liberal army wife said...

get a grip? who said that to you? and are they still breathing and walking without a limp....

quit blogging... ha! no you aren't. so. get on with it dear.


Army Mom Times Two said...

Welcome back! I've missed reading your thoughts.

Michele said...

You an definitey NOT giving up blogging or I'm coming down there personally and give you a kick in the ass. I'm glad you are back and even though it might not have been the "perfect" trip and not all went according to plan, don't let it pull you under. I'm throwing you a life preserver, grab on to it and get yourself out of it... please hang in there and keep in touch, writing about your feelings is so important.

Sarge Charlie said...

Stand tall and proud mom, your boys learned from you, they love and respect you, now that I finished sounding tough, I hope that stay safe and come home and live a good life.

Thank you for being the mom of American Heros......

Sarge Charlie said...

I know you are not the spouse but thought you would like to read this today. I found in on my rounds today a COMEDY PLUS.

Military Spouse Day

I was making my rounds today and stopped by Mrs Dub's site and found out that May 11th, 2007 is Military Spouse Day. To all the wonderful spouses left here to hold down the fort, I give the following poem in their honor. Thank you for what you do too.

A Military Spouse's Prayer

Author Unknown


Give me the strength of heart to see

The difference in duty and his love for me

Give me the understanding to know

That when duty calls, he must go

Give me the patience to know in my heart

That he is serving his country and doing his part

Give me the strength to carry on

When he's working late or must be gone

Give me a task to do each day

To fill the time while he is away

Give me others who can share

The ups and downs and who'll really care

Give me the wisdom to get me through

When I'm not quite sure of what to do

And Lord, while our family is here

Keep us healthy, safe and full of cheer.

Sarge Charlie said...
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Callie Ann said...

Please dont' give it up. Just post when you can. We want to know how you and your hero's are. Don't get discouraged. your friends in blogland. Callie Ann