Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's been great to see others bloggers guest blogging or featured on other blogs! Michele (a sweet spirit in the Rockies) is on Sarge Charlie's, as is Cool, Calm and Collected (fiance of fallen hero); Butterfly Wife is on Lemonade Stand; and I'm on Sgt Dub's!

BUT --- I really don't like the photo I took of myself in the Sgt Dub's shirt --- my husband said I looked like a man with boobs. I deleted that post from my blog and had my husband take some photos of me. It's the end of a long day at work, but here I am! It's not a great photo -- I am not photogenic at all -- but it is definitely better than looking like a transvestite.


SGT DUB said...

Should I choose to sell the spagetti strap tank taop then?

SGT DUB said...

Why can't the comment section have a spell checker?

Army Mom Times Three said...

Sgt Dub --- I've wondered about the spell checker too.

If I really care, I write my comments in Word then cut and paste them in here.

It seems in the bloggin world that it just doesn't matter. Write?

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi, I liked the photo, not a transvestite, nope, hubby is not always right, listen to the old sarge.

Butterfly Wife said...

Oh that is a much better picture.

Spell checker in the comments. That is one of the great features of Firefox; it will underline your misspelled words. Of course, it wouldn't catch misused words . . . oh well.