Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Fallen Heros

Florida has lost two more heros. Staff Sgt. Sandy R. Britt,, 30, of Apopka, FL and Sgt. 1st Class David A. Heringes, 36, of Tampa, FL, both out of Ft. Bragg, NC. Sgt. Heringes' funeral and burial will be at Arlington; Sgt. Britt's funeral and burial will be in Apopka, FL. If the family chooses to allow the Blue Star Mothers of Florida to present them with Gold Star Banners at the funeral, I will be the presenter. Everything is ordered and on the way; I await the family's decision. Strangely, if the funeral were on Saturday I would attend even if they did not invite us; but attending a soldier's funeral on a weekday costs me a day's pay. Why should that matter?

The Blue to Gold Star liaison from Michigan called me this afternoon and she too finds that attending these funerals and presenting the Gold Star Banners helps her cope with her son's deployment. Personally I think it is extremely important that the presenter be a mother/wife of a currently deployed serviceman because we can honestly say that at any time the next Gold Star Banner could be presented to us. Which thought, statement, or whatever, gives me chills up my spine and sends me into complete denial!

Tonight I am going to read up on "anticipatory grief," as was suggested by "She Who Waits" (see Blogs I Read). I honestly believe there is no way to prepare one's self for the death of a child, but something in my head tells me there is. Isn't it odd to look at a person and know that 24/7 they are living in fear? I still cannot even imagine 11 more months of this constant state of terror. But I have no choice but to live with it.

I've mentioned before that I should buy stock in Kendall Jackson (if it is a publicly traded company). My first act after walking the dogs is hitting the bottle. Gift cards gratefully accepted.


Sarge Charlie said...

I love you for what you are doing, we will never forget these guys and what they did for us.

Stephanie said...

*big hugs* Your dedication to such an honorable organization is inspiring.

Another one I'd suggest researching:
It's called Compassion Fatigue.

Hang in there. I'd also suggest branching out a bit from the KJ, there are lots of other good wines out there! Variety is the spice of life, right? ;) Just be careful, ok?

Shelly said...

Thoughts will be with you if you attend the funeral, they are with you even if you don't.. They will never be forgotten...

I'm for whatever gets you through the day, and evening. Ok in moderation..I had to have a glass on Tuesday so I completely understand..