Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Learning to be Still

After work this afternoon I went to an introductory Yoga class. In my quest to deal with the my emotions during the deployment of my sons, I am trying many different ways to calm myself. Since I was the only person in this Intro class, I had a "private lesson." The woman instructor is a school teacher with an amazingly calm voice. During the relaxing times after the stretches she read to me peaceful passages from a book on learning how to live in the moment. This woman also teaches meditation and I'm going to that class tomorrow night. I often think of the Eagles' song "Learn to be Still" when I try to describe how I want to feel.

It’s just another day in paradise
As you stumble to your bed
You'd give anything to silence
Those voices ringing in your head

. . . But you never will-Learn to be still

I'm not turning "weird" or converting to Buddhism or anything like that. I am simply participating in activities that will "restore" my mind and ease my tense body.

Florida has lost another soldier, Spc. Christopher T. Neiberger, 22, of Gainesville, Florida, who was killed on August 6. This Saturday is the funeral for Pfc. Cody C. Grater, 20, of Spring Hill, Florida, who was killed on July 29. Another Blue Star Mother has invited me to stay with her near Spring Hill Friday night so that I won't have so far to drive on Saturday, but I'm still don't know if I CAN attend this funeral.

At Sgt. Howdeshell's funeral yesterday, as the Honor Guard was folding the flag w/ amazing precision and while taps was played, I watched his wife gasping for breath, barely able to stand, and I wanted to go hold her up. But I didn't.


Dixiechick said...

I think that you doing yoga is wonderful. Anything to ease your mind, body and spirit. You truly deserve it.

liberal army wife said...

My ex boss was a typical tense lawyer, or that's what I was told. Whilst I worked for him on a year long project, he was calm, kind, and had a peace of mind that was truly awesome when we were under the gun and losing our collective minds due to deadlines. and why? Not meds, no chemicals... yoga and exercise every morning. I'm trying, but the boxes are everywhere including where I lay out my mat. I can't do classes anymore, I'm way out in the boonies, but that is one thing I will start up again when I move to civilization.