Thursday, December 27, 2007

Missing my Co-Mothers

This is really silly, but I miss being part of the Stryker mothers' forum. I enjoyed the common bond we shared supporting the 4th Stryker Brigade. Even my assigned "Friend-in-Arms" mom and I have lost touch. The "I know exactly how you feel" is gone. I feel like I stole Home Base in the World Series in a game I had money on. But I wouldn't trade!

Austin is waiting to see if he has a future in the Army. Kris is enjoying his 30+ days of leave. They will both be here soon for Kylee's wedding.

I cannot believe my daughter is getting married in 23 days and the invitations are still not mailed out. She and her sweetie were waiting for Austin to return to the US in July and now are in hurry-up mode because there is no reason to wait. We're not "formal" people so everyone who is invited already knows when and where. We made the invitations ourselves -- not a craft project I would recommend. But they are so darn cute!

The weather has been wonderful here -- definitely a warm Christmas and it looks like a warm New Year's too. We keep turning the air conditioner on, then off, then on, then off.


trying said...

AC at christmas time!? Im jealous I just had to dig myself out of the snow/slush!

I just found your blog and find it interesting reading, hats off to you for raising a soldier. And for crafting wedding invites. I know how hard that can be... I crafted both of my little ones baby announcements. If I never see another piece of vellum! : )

Good luck with wedding stuff!

Sarge Charlie said...

Ahh Mom, your life is great, my granddaughter is now engaged, I suppose that makes me old. Hope you had a great Christmas and looking forward to a happy new year.

Cindy Swanson said...

My younger brother was a Marine in Desert Storm, then a police officer who just returned not long ago from working alongside the American military in Iraq to train Iraqi cops. Having him over there kept our prayer lives active!

My hat's off to you as the mom of three of our wonderful American soldiers! May God bless and keep your children and you as well!

PJ said...

I just found your blog. I'm impressed with a mom who understands deploying offspring and offers to help others. God Bless you. I have a friend I'll refer to your blog.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

air conditioning!!! Ugh... I don't know if I could handle that. I do like my winters for a short time at Christmas but then after January I am sick of them so I just might move over with you! :)