Thursday, June 12, 2008

My oldest son and his wife live in Chapman, Kansas (about 20 miles from Ft. Riley). A tornado did major damages to their tiny little town last night. K&K live a little bit outside of town; their home was not damaged and they are both fine. They spent today in Manhattan, Kansas helping friends clean up from tornado damage in that town. Kansas State University where K&K attend grad school sustained (according to one news source) $20 million in damage. The photo on the right shows some of the damage in Chapman. Thehe aerial footage available online shows that most of Chapman looks like this.

The much sadder news, of course, is the four Boy Scouts who were killed by a tornado in Iowa. Good kids doing good things and they were killed.


It has been verified --- I am NOT a whiny "quitter". The State of Flori
da has determined that:

ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE EMPLOYER." The "Notice of Determination" was in today's mail and my first three weeks' of unemployment were already in my bank account!



Advice I used that I found on the internet:

  1. Peanut butter really will remove the sticky stuff left after a label is soaked off a bottle. You need to leave the PB on for a few minutes or so then scrub it off.
  2. Cleaning the lint screen on your dryer WILL apparently extend the life cycle of the appliance. I read somewhere that if you run water over the lint screen, it kind of puddles and doesn't go through, supposedly as the result of using dryer sheets. Put a little soap and water on the screen, scrub lightly with a brush and that's it. I'll have to get another dryer and wait a few years to see if it actually makes it last longer. But I'll have to keep using the one I have until it breaks and let the new dryer catch up, or something like that.

Wanted: an old, small water tower just like the one in the photo on the right. I'm really into historic things and have lately become fascinated with water towers. I've also developed an interest in typography (illustrated in the dual-purpose image on the left -- it's a "wanted poster" AND an example of typography; are ya with me?)