Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sharing sorrow, #1 Son, #2 Son

Please read Melissa's blog at
Her fiance was killed in Iraq on February 8, 2007 and she is sharing her love, her loss and the story of her life since "that knock on the door."

My first blog reads overly dramatic to me now. If my oldest son "finds" it he'll tell me to "calm down, woman!" As a "true American Soldier" he is just doing his job and doesn't appreciate his blubbering mother whining about it. He left home for West Point in 1996 and we've become accustomed to only seeing him now and then but we still miss him so much.

On to #2 Soldier Son: the doctor has told him that three weeks of physical therapy will strengthen his leg muscles so much that he will have no more knee problems. And, "besides, they have physical therapy in Iraq." Why does this sound like something George W. would say? AND, since his unit is deploying to Baghdad in a little more than three weeks and he is coming home to "say goodbye" in two weeks (for a week) --- where's the three weeks of physical therapy? Before he had the knee surgery he could not straighten out his left leg! Does anyone have advice?


Karen said...

Thanks for bringing your blog to my attention. About the PT...your son might be able to do some of it on his own. They might be able to set him up with a set of exercises that he can do at home.

I am slowly beginning to see that there are some significant differences between Army wives and Army mothers. We come at these deployments from different perspectives. I will keep reading to better understand what the mothers are dealing with. Keep blogging.

Best wishes.

~Mrs. Badger6

Sarge Charlie said...

I have long known that war is worse for moms and wifes than it is for the soldier. We go,do our thing and come home mostly without consideration of your sleepless night and endless tears.
I was in a war a long time ago, still vivid today, none of my kids were in the military service but #1 grandson has had his first tour in Iraq. It is not easy, the soldier needs your love and later in life he will know what you felt....

Sarge Charlie said...

I learned about from Badger Forward

liberal army wife said...

AMx3.. I did the army mom thing in 2003, when my son was Active Army and was 16 months in the Sand (1st Armored, extended) Now my husband is in the Sand, Guard extended for another 4 months. So I come at it from all sides. I'm not sure what you can do with the knee problem, if his unit wants him there, they honestly don't give a damn about his condition. HOWEVER, if he could get something from a physician saying he is NOT deployable, that could make a difference. Doing Physical Therapy, could be done, if he's doing the theraband bit.

Come over to Spouse Buzz, there are lots of moms over there.


Ronda said...

My son is on his way to Iraq as we speek. My heart hurts! I just don't know how you do it. Does it get any better, or am I gonna feel this way for at least a year?

I admire your strength! May God Bless them all!!


Stacy said...

Please know that we are all here for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

My son has been home from his first tour for a little over a year, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he does not have to go for a second tour, but in the back of my mind knowing that it is a huge possiblity that he will be headed back soon.

Take care, and welcome to the world of blogging.