Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reality Reality

Today a large manila envelope arrived addressed to me; return address--U.S. Army. Knowing my younger son is deploying soon, I expected a form letter similar to the Family Readiness Newsletter we received a few weeks ago. I casually opened the envelope while sitting in our back yard relaxing in the sun. What it contained literally took my breath away.



Reality SMACKED me HARD in the face! For about 15 seconds it was that "knock at the door and there's a black car in he driveway" feeling. Then I broke down and cried harder than I have in a very long time. My "baby" is really going to go to Iraq where people will try to kill him. To talk about it and know it in my head was bad enough. To see printed, notarized, official and specific proof that my baby will face such danger as to require such a document leaves me without words . . .


liberal army wife said...

that's a gutcheck. I wish we were all there to give you the support face to face that we want to give you.

take care. LAW

Ronda said...

Good thing I was sitting down when I read that, or I would have fallen to my knees! I am so sorry! That had to of been so painful! I am so glad that I have not received one of those, yet. Josh left for Iraq on March 6. They may have sent one to me and dearest BF may have hid it from me knowing that I would, once again, fall to pieces!

I want you to know that I think you are doing a wonderful job holding yourself together. I'm ready to call the local nuthouse and ask them if I can rent a padded room for a year or so! And I only have one in the Army!

Know that I will be praying for you and all your soldiers! God Bless us all!