Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What does fate hold?

Our youngest son (Army Pfc.) returns to Ft. Lewis tomorrow after two weeks' recuperation from knee surgery (training injury). If his knee checks out OK, he will deploy to Baghdad in early April; if not, he will stay safe a while longer, perhaps permanently. He didn't "make weight" once while in the enlistment process and a of mine friend suggested I feed him lots of cake and candy. My response was "I will accept the grace that fate has provided (a few more weeks with him home), but I will not tempt it." Now the suggestion of a bat to the knee (Tanya Harding-style) comes to mind but again, fate will decide my son's future.

The "last goodbye" with our oldest son is a lasting memory -- I can still feel the extra compassion in his hug and the unspoken knowledge that we might never see each other again. Every e-mail I receive from him provides a peace of mind that lasts until a few days go by w/o any contact; then an e-mail and the cycle begins again. Because he is married we are no longer his next-of-kin. If something were to happen to him would WE be notified immediately or hear word from his wife? Or will grace prevail?

And now the other one goes...or does he?