Friday, March 16, 2007

Wounded Knee

Son #2 has been declared "deployable" by the medical staff responsible for his well-being. He had knee surgery on Feb. 21, has had TWO physical therapy sessions, and still cannot straighten out his leg completely. Apparently he will be on "T.O.C." duty for the first three months in Iraq while he continues to heal -- monitoring radios and performing non-combat functions. And, after all, "there IS physical therapy in Iraq." He'll be home next week for a few days to "say goodbye". I'm again dreading those last few minutes with one of my sons before he goes "off to War." If anyone is going to be in the Tampa airport on 3/27, look for the puddle next to the tram servicing Delta -- that'll be what's left of me. Why can't they let the families go to the gate "just this once". Certainly these are special circumstances. Has anyone ever asked for permission and had that permission granted?

Two sons in Iraq, my only sons. Is there a pill for that?


Stacy said...

The President passed some kind of bill allowing immediate family members to be able to go to the gate I do believe. Our airport in Mississippi lets us, but you have to prove it, such as be with that soldier and him saying that you are his parents.

My opinion, it was the worst mistake I made going to the gate to see mine off. That was the hardest thing ever for me. I lost it right there, and said that I would not go to the gate again, but who knows, I could change my mind if he were getting deployed again.

liberal army wife said...

I always go to the gate. as a spouse I have the dependant ID card, but if you are with him YES you can go. Delta's really good about that. Since they have to check in SO early, I have always wanted that extra couple of hours.

When my son went back, he asked me NOT to come in after his leave, but told me later he wished I had. But hey, it's up to HIM.

I'm sorry, this is so painful for all moms. and not a damned thing we can say is going to make it better. So you just do whatever it is you need to do, to get through this. please know that we are out here, and we understand.


jan wesner said...

Ask at the Delta counter and they will direct you to the right place if they can't help you. I have never personally done this in a deployment situation but have for other reasons.
That being said, I personally would not be able to handle an at-gate goodbye. Nor would my husband.
If we pick him up at a commercial airport when he returns, I do plan to ask to be at the gate when he gets off the plane.
You know, everyone deals with these things differently and what counts is whatever works for you and your son.
Keep us posted.