Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Saving Grace

I just came home after spending EIGHT HOURS house shopping today. I am "motion sick," worn out, hungry, dirty AND we didn't find a house for her. The price of homes in Florida has gone nuts. EVERY house has at least doubled in value in the last 2-3 years --- some only in one year. We are looking for a small house in a decent neighborhood and the MINIMUM available is at least $175,000. And we're talking small --- 1,000 to 1,200 square feet; even 2 bedrooms 1 bath. Nothing is selling, no one is buying but the prices are sky high. I just don't get it. We found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood and it's $215,000. My daughter is 23 years old and that's a bit much to take on even with her hunky boyfriend.

Anyway, house shopping is a nice distraction for both my daughter and myself and keeps our minds off the "boys" for a while. Kylee and Austin are so close (they are only 17 months apart in age--he's 22) and his deployment is going to break her heart. She and Stef, who is 27, have spent more time together since Austin went in the Army so they do have each other. Stef lives about an hour away and with the boys in the Army, I put a lot of pressure on Kylee to "be there" for me. I try to make up for it by always being there for her -- I think "we" made a sweet Pink Power Ranger costume. "We've" also won contests at her work; similar to when "we" won the poster contest when she was in third grade. The best thing is the "thanks, Mom" whenever I help her with something.



Ronda said...

That picture of Kylee and Austin made me cry! It sounds like you have a very wonderful family! Keep up the good work, Mom!

Butterfly Wife said...

You made the Pink Power Ranger costume?!? WOW! I can barely sew on a button.

Army Mom Times Three said...

Yes, "we" made it. See the photos on the right side of my blog. Kylee made the pants and I helped her make the top -- we cut it out by following the lines of a t-shirt that was a tight fit. She made paper patterns of the white shapes, cut them out of white fabric and I sewed them to the pink. Then I sewed on some sleeves that we custom fit to her arms to be really tight. She made the gloves and belt and painted the boots.

Austin glued "pleather" to the front and shoulders of a t-shirt and then added roofing discs and nails (pointed out) for his ninja costume. He also made the arm bands and head thingy.

They have a lot of theme parties and get really creative. Kylee also paints. I'll post some of her work another day.

liberal army wife said...

town house? is that an option?