Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And a Bad Day is a Bad Day and Sucks!

Kris and I had brief "words" via e-mail yesterday. I won't share the details but he was extremely rude to me (somewhat normal at times) and for once I told him how I felt about it. He's in a war and now he thinks I'm really mad at him. I was, yesterday. I was very hurt, yesterday.

He sent me three e-mails today that I did not respond to --- mostly because he didn't ask questions, he just passed on information. But then Kylee called me because he e-mailed her to tell me to respond to him. By the time she got in touch with me he'd e-mailed that he was going to bed. So now he's gone to bed thinking I don't love him any more.

And I'm the one always yelling "Free Pass, Free Pass," he's in a war so whatever he says should be shrugged off. My knee-jerk reaction was to let him know how rude I thought he was and that it was unacceptable to "speak" to me like that. Then the "SEND" button called out to me --- "click me, click me, click me NOW!" And I did.

So what if something should happen to him before he checks his e-mail in the morning? (I did send an e-mail around 4 p.m. our time.) After all these years this probably wasn't the best time to "stand up" to him.


jan wesner said...

I know it's hard, but I would try not to worry about it. He knows that yesterday was just one day out of the how-many-now? that you have loved him.

liberal army wife said...

Yes, he's in a war. He knows you love him. he's always known that, and that's why he knows he can be nasty to you and you will still love him. standing up to him, is what moms find difficult. but it's necessary too!

please, don't beat yourself up about this.


Mel's Mom said...

As a mom there are times our kids need to know they are being rude. He KNOWS you...which means he KNOWS you love him. Obviously it bothered him,-which is sometimes good. Sure enough war calls for different rules- but trust me, there is no doubt in his mind about your love for him-not just because of who you are, but because you still "mothered" him via email-and for that, he loves you back

Michele said...

Finally found your blog... it was tough but I found it... I have some catching up to do.... haven't heard from you for ages... haven't seen you visit for a while. Obviously you have lots of turmoil going on. Please try not to get too worked up and let it swallow you up... You need to stay in control. Stay positive!

Kila said...

(((Hugs))) It's OK.

Yeah, he's in a war, but that doesn't mean that anything goes. He still has to treat you with respect. He'd lose some respect for you if you just let him walk all over you while he's over there, and it would be hard to reconcile that later.

Kids often throw a lot of crap at their mom, knowing that mom will love them anyway, but there still needs to be a line drawn, whether they are two or an adult in war, so good for you.