Monday, June 4, 2007

A+ on the Test !!!

I'm coming back to where I belong. My sons being in this War is the most important aspect of my life at this time and I have to write about it; I have to hear about it from others.

Hopefully what I have to say next will put to rest what bothered me the most about "milblogging." I found it entirely unreasonable and downright deceiving for some people to portray themselves as righteous, all-knowing, "better than thou," and practically heroic in blogs about WAR! There is no place in milblogging for snobbery, conceit, self-promotion or exclusion. I have been extremely disappointed with several members of the milblogging community and that is most likely why I wanted out of it.

BUT (isn't there always a big but?), there ARE genuine kindred spirits, supportive shoulders and REAL heros out there blogging. Those I choose to rejoin.
I think I feel better already. And I'm NOT deleting this post later because I don't want to hurt any feelings. If you recognize yourself --- get off my blog! That sounds like a song, "Hey, hey, get off of my blog; go on your own where you are a snob."
I'm feeling even better. Sarge Charlie --- I see you every where and you are GREAT! And to think we have been on the same cruise ship. Dub --- you are a delightful slob and I hope Mrs. and Miss Dub get you help when you get home. Butterfly Wife, Kila, Claire, Michele, Mel, Mel's Mom, LAW, Dixie Chick, ArmyMomTimesTwo, Jan, you gals rock! If I didn't list your name here it's not because I think you are "one of them," but rather short-term memory loss prevails.

Just for giggles I'm going to post some photos. I always find that photos make blogs more readable.

Totally random photos -- two of the eight trees we lost when Hurricane Jeanne came through in 2004. My mother's name was Jeanne and I think she did that kind of damage to my psyche.

July 1, 1996 when I said goodbye to Kris at West Point. This is a horrible photo but definitely worth it's 1,000 words. Talk about bittersweet.



jan wesner said...

Welcome back!

Mel's Mom said...

Looking forward to hearing from the "real you" again =)

Butterfly Wife said...

Glad to hear/see that you feel like you can get some of the support you need here in the blogosphere.

Have you seen this website?
I linked to it in case you need it. Not sure if it helps. Take care.

Dixiechick said...

*yelling at the top of my lungs* WELCOME BACK!!!!!

The picture of you hugging your son ... I'm speechless ...


liberal army wife said...

yay!!!! you're BACK!! Sorry I didn't check in before, Jan told us you were back on her blog. I'm so happy you are back. Honey, I have been called every name in the book, by all sorts. TOUGH! on my blog, I have a post "MINE" that's where I decided that I didn't give a rip. THIS Blog is YOURS! you do what you need to.