Friday, June 8, 2007

A Good Day Is a Good Day -- I'll Take It!

Today is a better day -- after I posted last evening I went to bed (around 7?). I flipped and flopped around until 1:30 a.m., took a xanax so I could actually fall asleep and did. Maybe I just needed to actually rest for a long period of time; not necessarily sleep.

When I left work this afternoon I tried not to think about this war mess and didn't get into that nasty funk before I got home. AND, my daughter doesn't work Fridays so she cleans my house (in exchange for me paying her property taxes this first year) and it was very nice to come home to clean. I'm a bit of a slob myself so having her clean up for me on Fridays is very refreshing.


These two photos are from Kris' unit in Iraq yesterday (the "Assassins). I ordered the flag from the Patriot Guard who sent it directly to them. Here the flag is flying below their Engineers' flag. I asked Kris to take some photos of him and "his" men next to the flag pole -- he said he'll do that tomorrow.

The way they painted this building is extremely cool. For those of you that don't recognize it, that is the emblem of the Engineers; like the two crossed rifles are the emblem of the Infantry.

This is me on the cruise back in February --- aren't I lovely? I'm expressing my distaste for the food; it was yucky. When people see this photo they usually say, "It doesn't look like you had any problems with the DRINKS!" I did not. This "face" also shows how I feel about living through this time --- it's yucky!

I could probably type all night, but I'm going to post this now because it's storming like crazy --- we need this rain!!!

Back again, I forgot to post this photo. It is my husband and Kris in our barn with the bikes. When Kris and the gang (his wife and four friends) were here they rented Harleys (except for Kris, who brought his here for us to keep) and took a couple of long rides. The "Hub" has since shaved off the "goat-t" and I like his regular face much better.

Why is it that every time I put in a photo it goes up to the top and then I have to adjust all my spacing and stuff all over again? Does anybody know? It's VERY frustrating and I really don't need any more frustrating things in my LIFE RIGHT NOW!



Butterfly Wife said...

Glad today is a better day.

And yesterday, I got your meaning then too. ;)

jan wesner said...

I knew what you meant yesterday, too.
And remember, it's Friday, and you are so lucky to have a clean house. Think she'd do mine, too!?!
Don't forget, we'll be online at 10 Sunday night talking about "Army Wives" on Lifetime. Did you watch it last week? If not, check it out and give us your perspective as an Army Mom!

Dixiechick said...

I totally understood your meaning in yesteday's blog.

Hey, when she finishes with yours will you send her to mine... ;-)

I too feel like I'm in a Twlight Zone ... just going through the motions.


Army Mom Times Two said...

Hey there, Friend! I'm glad you're back...

It's been a long week for me, and I wasn't able to check "LaLaLand With Jo Ann" even one time! So when I finally got to check it
out, I wasn't surprised that you're back on "Army Mom X 3"!!! This is where you belong, though I must admit, I was really enjoying the tales of your cruise.

I'm curious also - did you watch "Army Wives"? I'm reserving any remarks until I've had a chance to see another couple of episodes...