Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Old House --- My Old Body

As I've mentioned before, our house was built in 1922; I was built in 1955. Oh my aching body. I've been down on my hands and knees painting the plank floor boards in our bedroom --- and this is just the primer. When we pulled up the avocado green, sculpted carpet from the 60s the floors were not in good enough condition to refinish. But they are going to look amazing painted.

Monday and Tuesday I helped my sister-in-law start organizing her home office --- this will take much longer than painting my floor. She has two businesses and years and years of paperwork in boxes and boxes. It must have been the time I spent sitting on her floor that messed up my neck and shoulders. Today it's hard to even move. Now the floor painting is going to put me back to bed! OR IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN FROM PLAYING "Mysteries of London" on my laptop for hours last night!

For anyone who read my post on the tornadoes, K&K have decided to sell their house now instead of next year as they had planned. So many homes were destroyed in Chapman, but theirs was untouched. Hopefully a family who lost their home will be able to move in to K&Ks in a short time. K&K will move to Manhattan where they attend grad school at Kansas State. The bonus is they'll save a lot of money on gas driving between school and home.

This photo shows a house in Chapman that is missing its front but the lace is still in place on the mantle.