Sunday, April 1, 2007

No he didn't!

I joined Stryker Brigade News to connect with others whose family members are deploying with Austin. Here is what a husband had to say in response to my post asking the "group" to share their feelings over the next few days before our soldiers deploy.

"This is one of things that is different for spouses than for extended family."


Kila said...

I just came across your site and want to say Thank You, and send you hugs! I'll be praying for you and your boys!

I have 3 boys myself, still too young to fight, but I'll be proud if they do someday.

Butterfly Wife said...

Interesting response. Obviously, parents are not extended family by any definition I have ever come across. You are immediate family. Granted you may have some different emotions and thoughts about your son going off to war than a spouse does. I hope the readers at that Stryker Brigade News are not all like that husband.

I still think you (and LAW) need to start Parents Buzz.

Badger 6 said...

Well I would tell you the husband is wrong. Parents can in fact live with you on post. You do need to demonstrate they need your assistance to live, but it is not a big hurdle.

Another thing to look at is who one can get emergency leave to come home from the combat zone. that would be spouse, children, parents, siblings.

No grandparents (there are exceptions, but that is the rule, no in laws, no nieces and nephews, but parents for sure.