Friday, July 27, 2007

My "Friend In Arms"

My "Friend In Arms" (Kathy) has started her own blog. Please go visit her and offer your support and encouragement. Her son is deployed in Iraq in the same unit with Austin. Long story/short: we have a large support group over at; about a month ago one of the members decided that we mothers should be paired up to develop closer relationships. Kathy and I were assigned to each other but we'd already been e-mailing and talking on the phone, so it was really a fun surprise to find out that we had become official "Friends In Arms".

I'd estimate that 20-25 e-mails pass between us every day. I've never met Kathy but I feel like I know her so well. We're both mothers of soldiers who are fighting a war and we just want them back home w/ us. Kathy is a homemaker and caretaker of a foster child who lives in New Jersey. I work full-time (plus) 20 miles from home in Florida. If I need anything and don't have time to find it, Kathy does it for me. She is absolutely amazing. She's new to blogging, so help her along as much as you can!

I'm still working on the "situation" and sent out over 100 more e-mails today. So far, no solution.


liberal army wife said...

I'm so happy you found someone to partner with. Now... no drunken parties.. unless I'm invited too.

As for the situation... have you contacted Norm Coleman? He's our Repub Senator, and the one and only good thing I can say about the jackass, is he's been good to our National Guard troops. otherwise... I'd wipe him off my shoe.

I can't think of anyone else to contact! we aren't in DC yet. If we were, I'd be screaming for you!


liberal army wife said...

the Washington Post!! the New York Times. ABC News... Jim Lehrer....

DH told me that generators are probably KelloggBrown& Root (KBR/halliburton) responsibility... so wouldn't it be interesting to have a news group look into it??? Money money... makes this war go around..... So honey, take it to the media if you have to.


Army Mom Times Three said...

I e-mailed the NY Times, Washington Post, Anderson Cooper, milbloggers (Black Five, Fourth Rail, Michael Yon) and probably 200 others. I have a reporter from a local tv station (Tampa) involved but she's looking for a story, not a solution.

Not a Granny said...

I really wish that all this amazing support extended to the Coast Guard also. I am sorry Army Mom to do it here..but hell...all the ads Army, NavY, Marine Corp. After being married to 25 year career C-130 CG Flight Engineer...yes you are all going through a lot..Next time you have a crab leg...some grouper...salmon...

liberal army wife said...

my dad was a Coastie - USCG Spencer 1941-1945. yes, we all support the amazing work they are doing, with very little fanfare. but Gran - when your baby or your husband are getting shot at/mortared, that shrinks your vision.


Sarge Charlie said...

Hi mom, I visited your friend.

Kathy said...

Army are the best! No wonder we got paired up.
Don't worry liberal army wife...we'll invite you to our drunken party.
It's great how Army Mom is fixing the problem for our soldiers. Hats off to her!

Kathy said...

Friends are sometimes hard to find,
Who truly understand,
The hurt and fear and pride inside,
That others fail to see.

You were chosen for me,
Someone I’ve never met,
A stranger in another state,
An Army mom times three.

My son is in the Army too,
So together we have this bond,
Worrying and praying for our boys,
And that they’ll come home soon.

I may not have creative flair,
Or write as well as you,
But our sons are in a war zone,
So together this pain we bare.

We laugh a lot and cry as well,
For this burden that we carry,
Our heavy hearts hate to see,
Our sons in so much hell.

Friends In Arms we’ll always be,
Even when this war is over.
I’m glad for me they picked your name,
Army Mom Times Three.