Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Getting "Over It"

Well, I had the cutest post going when my computer when SPLAT! The battery has NO charge in it at all (i.e., it's toast) so if the adapter cord comes lose for a second it shuts down. This is try #3 to get something posted. I should have known to remain in that uncomfortable position and NOT move an inch and thus dislodge the adapter cord.

Remember SAVE OFTEN!

I was writing about my new (male) psychologist who is very skilled in asking the right questions and following up with specific instructions, assignments, exercises for me to do to get my depressed brain out of the dumper. It has taken me years to realize (just today) that I cannot go to a woman psychologist (sorry Deborah) because I can't dump out all my emotional baggage on a woman. I remember telling my woman psychologist before my last woman psychologist that I just didn't want to ruin her day! But I can sure dump on a man.

And thank you, Lala, for your comment --- I plan to stop rocking soon! Just as soon as I finish reading all these damn self-help books. Actually, that comment was the kick in the butt I needed to get out of the pity-party.

I got a funky new haircut and color last night and I love it. Hopefully I'll be able to recreate what my friend Carol did on my own. She used some new spray stuff with a flat iron and when she turned me back to the mirror I thought I was going to start receiving transmissions from Mars! But after taming it with some wax it is the BOMB! (should I use the word bomb?) I was going upstairs and I said to my husband (who is firmly planted on the sofa in front of his HDTV w/ his sound system blaring) "isn't my hair the best?" He said "your SMILE is the best!" Maybe I should wear one of those more often, huh?

Kris e-mailed today and he is safely back at the FOB; no word from Austin in a while. But NNIGN, right?

One topic I discussed w/ my shrink today is my unwillingness to let go of my children. I'm fighting something I can't control (my words, not his) because I want them all back in their rooms in this big old house with me! I want to drive them to soccer, church, ROTC, band, cheerleading and on and on --- but they're grown and on their own. They are all financially independent and very responsible adults. My shrink had the nerve to ask me if my soon-to-be 30 year-old son really needed me treating him like he is 10. Can you believe that?

The nest is empty, the babes have flown; like it or not, we're all alone.


Dixiechick said...


kayli_k42 said...

New hair EXCITING!! I'm dying mine dark in the fall(shhh don't tell Austin), but putting some highlights in cause I look like I'm 12 if it's all one color!

As for my meme uhh yeah, you're supposed to respond with 3 words *blond moment!!!* going to have to do some editing

Michele said...

Oooo... funky haircut hey? Hmm... one day i will get brave and do the same. Hope u are doing ok... stay well, my friend.

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Mom,
The nest is empty, the babes have flown; like it or not, we're all alone.

Have a great day.

The Old Sarge

Mel's Mom said...

Maybe physically alone, but by what I know of reading you- you're home (and heart) is filled with wonderful, beautiful memories. Those are priceless =)

Butterfly Wife said...

"My shrink had the nerve to ask me if my soon-to-be 30 year-old son really needed me treating him like he is 10. Can you believe that?"

Uh, yeah. I can believe that. Sounds like you found the right psychologist for you. ;-)

liberal army wife said...

yeah. dear... I still wanted to help my son across the street, and he was in Baghdad! Now... he's a dad and I still want to do stuff for him.... That's called being a mom, and some of us have a harder time letting go of that part. so, we have to consciously do it, MAKE ourselves do it. when we want to do it all for them... say NO, I'm NOT going to offer to pay for this, or do that. I will let him know where to find stuff online, or help him figure out how to get in touch with VA folks (I have a GREAT VA guy here who knows VA people all around the country) but I don't make the calls... although I just KNOW I could do it for him... but he's almost 30! and he's a DAD...



lala said...

well if they never grew up you'd never get grandchildren, right? my mom seems to be anxious for some of those... =)