Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yet Another Goodbye soon

Kris isn't even back to the house after flying home from a week in the Bahamas and I'm already dreading our next goodbye. This time he will only have five to six months left in the Sandbox; then on to grad school. What a relief that will be.

Austin was able to IM several times this week and I finally bought a webcam. They are so inexpensive, I don't know why I waited so long. I suppose I knew I wanted to see him and why would he want to see his ol' mom. When Kylee was IMing w/ him and he could see her, he said she didn't look like herself. Maybe he'll get accustomed to the way we look on webcam. He looks great to me!

There hasn't been much to blog about these days. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you visit for not only the description of a recent mission but also an amazing picture of a sunrise. This guy has a great career in journalism ahead of him. I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already signed a contract.

I just finished reading Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard psychology professor. While the book doesn't provide the answer to finding happiness, it is a very informative and humorous look at humankind and the workings of our brains. Now I've started reading This Time I Dance written by another Harvard person, a law grad, who found her truth not in legal briefs and courtrooms, but in creative writing. Do you see a pattern here?

If anyone has any reading recommendations, send them on. I love to read but sometimes don't know what to read next.

Guess what I did today other than read? Nothing! I am a slug.


Sarge Charlie said...

You got it right about TD, he is my first read each day. I love your camera photo.......

Michele said...

Nothing wrong with doing nothing... somethings I do that too... take care!

Michele said...

I've got an award for you to collect. Come to my blog when you get time. Congrats!