Monday, September 17, 2007

Check this out!

It's the Welcome Home T-Shirt design for Kris' battalion!!!!! If there's a t-shirt design then they must be coming home soon!

In the photo below Kris (left) is handling the re-enlistment of one of his former soldiers. (I am definitely NOT old enough to be this MAN's mother!) Kris has moved on to Battalion Staff for the remainder of his deployment; I'm not sure what that means other than he is no longer the CO of the 111th Sapper Company.

The photo is from the 1st Engineers' August newsletter.

I came across August edition of The Desert Raider, the newsletter of the 4/2 combat team. Though there was no mention or photo of Austin, my familiarity with the list of the Fallen confirmed I was reading about his activities as part of the brigade.

Oddly enough, there were TWO articles about deployed siblings; two brothers and a brother and a sister. I found this little tidbit in one of the articles.

So it has now been confirmed that I am NOT the only stressed out Mom of two deployed soldiers.

Actually, I am less stressed now than I have been in years. With all of the deployments and pending deployments, my heart has been on a roller coaster ride since 9/11. Now we're heading for the finish line and I'm excited!

[Jorge is still the same. The doctors backed off the respirator a little to see if he could do some breathing on his own; he can. Yeah!]


Shelly said...

Any sign is a good sign, that he is coming home soon.
We had a family interviewed on local news during the Bush speech. They had twins, one in the army and one in the marines, both deployed in Iraq. The father was calm and the poor mom was very emotional. That seems to be the norm. Thats what we moms do best.. Hang in there. Try any new wines lately?


Army Mom Times Three said...


Regarding wines, at restaurants yes; at home, not yet.

That would involve me: (1) going to a store, (2) making a decision, and (3) not panicking running for the safety of my car pointed towards home.

I still have the list though!

Sarge Charlie said...

do you have a return date mom? Will his return cut you stress in half? I hope so but somehow I don't think so, you are still an Army Mom.

Suma said...

thats a brilliant idea of having the t-shirt for welcome...


Not a Granny said...

Love the shirts! Let us know as soon as you get the date.

Keeping Jorge in my prayers.

lala said...

Welcome home shirts are awesome!