Friday, September 28, 2007

Quick Note

Jorge is still in ICU. His breathing is better. The doctor told Stef yesterday to not get her hopes up because it is still 50/50. I don't understand this since they've taken the nitric away, backed off the oxygen, the paralytic and sedation drugs and he is showing small signs of waking. We were so excited Wednesday that all of this was done and then to hear that on Thursday was extremely disappointing.

Austin's knee is no better (darn). He should find out tomorrow if he is going to have surgery soon or move with his Platoon to a different FOB. Reports from the Platoons who have already moved are NOT good regarding conditions --- bed bugs, no hot water, etc. I think a call to the White House might be in order!!!

Kris is now able to IM every day so we are having our first "conversations" in over a year (other than his R&R break and a phone call on Mother's Day). I'm learning things I never knew before --- IMing must be more comfortable for him to share information (not OPSEC stuff). Kris AND Katie have signed on for 20 years! For anyone who ever asked me if they were "lifers", the answer is YES.

Kylee is in Kansas visiting Katie and Kayli. It's homecoming weekend at Kayli's college so they should have a fun time. None of us had met Kayli. Now she'll be an official member of the "FAM".

So, we wait . . .


Not a Granny said...

Glad the family is getting together in Kansas! Kayli sounds like a wonderful person.

Still praying for Jorge! Keep the faith! You know you have our support!