Friday, September 14, 2007

One Year Ago !!!

Next Friday Kris will have been in Iraq for ONE YEAR! A whole year! Three hundred and sixty-five days! Fifty-two weeks! Twelve months! And I'm still sane (well, sort of -- I don't poo my pants or anything like that). I should wait until next Friday to write about this, but I'm so excited that I can't wait. Today I have been almost giddy with the anticipation of that HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF that I will feel in three months (and one week)!

Of course, tempering that is Austin's tour in Iraq lasting nine more months. BUT, having "made it" to one year when this time last year I didn't think I could "make it" a week, I know I can hold on for nine more months. What's nine months when I've already "tackled" an entire year. (I know it's 3/4 of a year but let's not think that way!). AND, if the maximum time when either Kris or Austin (or both) would be in Iraq is 22 months, I'm more than 1/2 way home! (BTW, my math might be messed up, but Austin is due back early July 2008).

And it's FRIDAY! This time last week I was having a blissful time in Vermont. At this EXACT time I was taking a nap at the B&B in a bed close to a window with a refreshing breeze blowing in along with the sounds of the wind in the trees. I keep thinking -- wouldn't it be really neat if we could sort of stay awake while we take lovely afternoon naps? Sort of twilight sleep so we can experience all that lazy time of day offers and still get some yummy rest.

Now for your Friday viewing pleasure: on your left, MEN will see a sunset on the beach. WOMEN, however, will see my soon-to-be son-in-law (on the beach at sunset). Is he HOT or what --- I mean it is ALWAYS hot on the beach, so I'm only assuming that he was HOT the day this photo was taken. Right? Wouldn't you assume that too? His name is Cal (Callen) --- how COOL is that? He is as sweet as he is hunky (did I say that?). This photo reminds me of a six pack. I mean a six pack of beer! Perv! I was thinking of buying him a six pack of beer. Yes, that's what I was thinking.

Ok, that's enough silliness. You'd think it was Friday night of a rough week and I'd already started sipping delicately on some fine wine. Well, you are wrong! It is Friday night of a rough week but I'm actually chugging on some mediocre wine! After the first glass, does it really matter?

Actually, I'm just mellow and that's a good thing.Since hubby won't be home for a couple of hours I think I'll take another blissful nap --- hey, where's the breeze and the sound effects?


Sarge Charlie said...

Hang in there mom, it will be over soon, you are a hero too....

Not a Granny said...

Yes, he is a hunk!!

Michele said...

Ahem... it's a good thing you put his pic near the bottom of the post otherwise I would've been distracted and not been able to read what you wrote about... egads!