Thursday, July 26, 2007


Austin was able to IM for a few minutes yesterday. I can't go into the situation, but I've got three national organizations working on a solution. I also contacted our Congressman's office, who contacted the House Liaison for the Department of the Army in Washington, DC. I e-mailed several well-known milbloggers, the NY Times, the Washington Post, Anderson Cooper. I'm one pissed off Army Mom.

The comments on my last post were great -- Butterfly Wife, if I ever meet you I'm going to knock all the dust off your wings! No, just kiddin'. I always blamed Kris for getting snippy with me when it was probably me treating him like a child that caused the snippiness. It's so hard to think of my children as adults. Kris is a West Point grad, an Army Captain, a company commander and I still want to hold his hand when he crosses the street (but they won't let me go to Iraq with him). It was almost surreal when my psychologist so bluntly pointed out what I've been doing.

Why does it take the eyes of others for me to see?


Sarge Charlie said...

You know, motherhood is not something that has a switch so you can turn it off.

Butterfly Wife said...

LOL! Good luck get the dust of me. :D

Perhaps instead of placing blame anywhere, you could just acknowledge the situation as it is. Try to be your own best friend who will offer you unvarnished opinion of the situation. Take a step back and examine the situation. That sounds like it is something very difficult for you to do. You might start by trying to do it (which you probably already do) with other relationships.

Obviously, there is no motherhood switch, which is why I have repeatedly stated that you did not choose to be a military mother; your kids did that for you. But at some point your children grew up and the relationships you had with them changed, maybe not so much from your perspective. It is what it is. But there is some conflict that comes with that. How much do you want that to change?

So yes, I agree with your psychologist. Maybe you just need a good thump to the head like that. We all do at some point. ;-)

Kathy said...

Keep hard at it "ONE MAD MOM". I'm behind you all the way. No matter where our kids are, or what they're doing...WE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY AND SAFE. They're doing a hard job...that they signed up for. We don't like it, but we support them.

Army Mom Times Three said...

BW -- I like the Thump to the Head thing. There's a guy at work who talks about sports all the time. Whenever I hear him I thump him on the head. He'll never learn.

Sarge -- sure wish there was an "off" button sometimes.

Kathy -- isn't blogging fun?