Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Comments, I LOVE COMMENTS!!!

You would not believe how excited I get when I see the number of comments on my posts increase. Even 1 is a big deal to me. Every time I look a my blog -- which is SEVERAL times a day, I "cross my fingers" that I've got another comment. Hearing from other people means so much to me. So even if you just want to say "hi", please leave me a comment.


liberal army wife said...

ok... so hi. It's been a long day.


Ronda said...

Well, you don't really ask for much! Hope things are good with you!


Butterfly Wife said...


Army Mom Times Three said...

Very amusing, ladies!

Kim Fernandez said...

WOW!!How do you do it? I have just one Son in the Army, and when he was in Iraq,and then Baghdad I was a real stress mess, God Bless you..
Mother of a American Soldier......Kim