Sunday, April 8, 2007

Elvis Has Left The Building

I missed another call -- not THE CALL, though. I forgot to take my phone upstairs with me last night. Austin called from a stop over location and left me another sweet message. "I just wanted to tell you again how much I love you and since I could only make one phone call and I called you, you should know that I really love you. Anyway, I gotta go, I love you".

Rewind. . .

"THE DAY" was postponed by one day at the last minute -- prolonged agony morphed into torture. One full day of anguish to be followed by another.

On the real "THE DAY," after several early morning calls, Austin assured me that our "goodbye call" wouldn't be until late afternoon. Considering I could barely move my head from side to side and my right shoulder was constricted up around my ear , I went to get a massage. I didn't know the masseuse (Monica) so I had some 'splaining to do about why I was grossly contorted, shaking and whimpering. She was soooo sweet to me (I got the hot stones treatment for free!)

Well, when do you supposed I got my "Goodbye Call"? Yep -- butt naked on the massage table. I pleaded, "this isn't my goodbye call is it?????. " Yes, it was.

Monica gave us a few minutes "alone" and came back in to a naked, hysterical, blubbering, sobbing, blob of sludge, sitting up on her table spewing tears and snot all over her lovely bedding. Know what she did? She prayed for me!!!


liberal army wife said...

my massage therapist, Michelle, is always so sweet. lately, she says my back is getting worse and worse, thanks to the extension.

now, dear. time to start getting on with getting through this. start with care packages... I did send the chocolate snickerdoodle recipe (don't forget choc chips will melt now). and some salty stuff too.

take care.


Ronda said...

Can she come to my house??? I have a few knots that I think are turning to stone!

Those calls are so tough! I have to agree with LAW, time to stuff those boxes with love!

Hope you're feeling better!

Kila said...

Oh gosh, I can't imagine. I have a hard enough time dropping my boys off at school for the day! Just sending lots of (((HUGS))) your way! His service is appreciated!