Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Boyfriend Got Married Last Night!

It's true . . . and my husband, daughter and I went to the wedding. It was beautiful -- the last three minutes were anyway, we were late.

Now, let me 'splain. First, why we were late and, but for one phone call, would have missed the entire wedding. I thought the wedding was today (Saturday) --- who gets married on a Friday night? I just happened to call My Boyfriend's fiance yesterday (Friday) and said "You're getting married tomorrow!," to which she screams "IT'S TODAY!!!". Oh dear, scramble, everybody off work early, home, ready, off we go (an hour and a half drive to get there). AND, I thought the wedding was at 7:00, we arrived at 6:35 in time to hear them pronounced "Husband and Wife." The wedding had started at 6:00.

I am posting this part as an example of how EXTREMELY DISTRACTED, UNFOCUSED AND JUST ABOUT USELESS I am these days. (And because the rest is a sweet story and makes me smile.)

Now the "boyfriend" part -- because I'm sure that's a lot more interesting! Well, it's definitely NOT what you were thinking.

Years ago I had a Best Friend -- the closest best friend relationship I've ever had and wish I could have again. We were inseparable, we both had three kids, our husbands worked nights, we took our kids everywhere together, we took care of each other's kids, we shared secrets, our sons and daughters were best friends; it was great.

Then one day she left. She left her husband, her children, and me.

That was over 17 years ago.

When it became clear that she wasn't coming back, I promised her children that I would always be a part of their lives and would be there for them whenever they needed me. When I met my husband (of 15 years) I said, "there's this man and these three children . . . can you accept that"? He did -- with open arms.

That's how their dad became "my boyfriend"; I was everywhere with them. Parties, picnics, weddings. I bought the two girls their first training bras -- and let me tell you they "trained" very well (see photo top right). I should have such ... well, nevermind.

Last night I danced the Mother/Son dance with my "son".

So out of the sadness and fear that has prevailed in my life lately, I had an evening of absolute joy because my boyfriend got married last night.

My "son" Joshua; I could squeeze him so tight!


Michele said...

What a wonderful story. I'm glad you shared that. Left a tear in my eye but then I get mushy at all sentimental stories such as those. I wonder if I'm too old to be adopted by you... :)
Thanks for your kind words in my blog. They meant more than you will ever know.

Sarge Charlie said...

Mom, I got to say you are one heck of a woman, and your husband is one heck of a man, that was a great story.

I am still waiting for you in Sgt Dubs shirt........

liberal army wife said...

sweetie! what a great day. Your boyfriend got married.... hm....