Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Phone Call Today!!!

I went back to work today -- everyone there is very kind and supportive. It was a busy day so there wasn't much time to dwell on my fears. At 1:04 p.m. my cell phone rang -- when I answered no one was there. Then at 1:05 p.m. it rang again and when I answered it was Austin! I yelled "AUSTIN???!!!"; I was just so excited. We got to talk for 4-5 minutes before we were cut off in mid-sentence.

Our conversation reminded me of when the anchorman asks the correspondent a question and everyone waits several seconds for the correspondent to actually hear the question. Because of that we were talking over each other a lot. He sounds great; relaxed and comfortable. He mentioned how much people had talked of the heat -- he said it felt like a summer day in Florida (where he's always lived). I'm sure it will get much worse in the coming months. He should be better acclimated than most.

I e-mailed Kris telling him where Austin was and where I thought he was going. Kris, being always the Officer, tells me "he's not supposed to tell you where he is or where he's going!" If it weren't for the FOB shown on Kris' address, I probably wouldn't know where he is. I guess that's why he's an Officer --- he takes rules very seriously and always has. And I've heard that you don't ever want to get on his bad side.

Life at home feels fairly normal. It's rained for two days which is GREAT b/c it hadn't rained much in months. We're already on water restrictions. The faucet in the upstairs bathroom is dripping, I can hear it all the way down here. I really need to get up and clean but I'm not going to. I've got everything I'll need tonight gathered around me and I plan to sit right here on my chaise and only work on what is within arm's reach. I've always been interested in inventing the couch potty so I really wouldn't have to get up.

The Milblog Conference is coming up and it looks like I'm going. My plan is to leave early on Friday so I have several hours in DC before the cocktail reception that night; attend the conference Saturday then spend more time in DC on Sunday before catching an evening flight home. All by myself! I've got to stay busy and blogging (reading and writing) is my favorite pastime these days -- so why not attend the conference?

Two weekends from now I'm going to meet w/ the president of the Florida Chapter of Sew Much Comfort to offer my services in tracking information for her. I'm very proficient in spreadsheet and database software (probably already said that somewhere) so this is right up my alley. I had signed up to sew but never received my packet -- which is probably a good thing b/c just looking at the clothing was heartbreaking.

AND, I'm starting painting classes next Tuesday night. This is something I've always wanted to do even though I have no clue if I have any artistic talent -- other than sewing, quilting; anything that can be done w/ a needle and thread. A few months back I saw a large graphic painting at TJ Maxx that incorporated an American flag with other elements of Americana in an abstract way. I didn't buy it when I saw it and it's long gone. I'd like to eventually paint something like that. I'll probably start with a smiley face.

Recommended reading -- The Seven Modern Pillars of Iraq - this essay is very eye opening to the realities of Iraqi culture.

Gee, I guess I found my lost words!


liberal army wife said...

well... glad you are back! Kris isn't the only one who is going to tell you OPSEC. we get a little nuts about that... so careful!

glad to hear you are going to Milblog... wish I could but I have open house that day.

Sew Much Comfort will appreciate all your hard work.


Butterfly Wife said...

Glad you found your words. Have fun at the conference. Maybe next year for me. I definitely think the keeping busy thing is a good idea.

Stacy said...

Glad to know that you are going. I will be arriving on Thursday afternoon. Are you staying at the hotel that the conference is as? We need to make sure and get a visit in.

Army Mom Times Three said...

I've been going back and forth: "I'm going; I'm not going; I'm going; I'm not going."

The block of rooms are full but I can get a room at the hotel for the full price. Flights are cheap. BUT -- I tend to panic when I'm away from "familiar territory" and can't decide if I can handle this or not.

Plus my daughter is buying a house and I want to help her financially as much as I can.

But I WANT to go.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

oh, those phone calls are GREAT -- you wait & wait for one... and talk about how you're waiting for one... then it comes... and you tell everyone what he said... and then you're back to waiting for another one! you are definitely on that roller coaster!!

we'll see you at the milblog conference cocktail reception!! cmlblog2@cableone.net

and I don't have a lick of "artistic talent" but I painted ceramic plates for everyone in the family for christmas this past year and everyone LOVED them -- so just paint for YOU and forget "artistic talent" (have you ever seen expressionist art? talent? hmmmmm

I know Sew Much Comfort will greatly appreciate your talent -- and your good heart! it will help fill your "extra" time and giveyou such a feeling of accomplishment (and helping our troops!)

hugs & prayers for you & yours...

Army Mom Times Three said...

Ladies: Yes I am staying where the conference is being held. I'm arriving Friday morning and plan to visit some of the Smithsonian Museums and maybe a monument or two. I'm also not leaving until Sunday evening to get in some more looking around. Maybe those of us going could meet up early Friday.