Monday, April 2, 2007

No he didn't again...

This is what Mr. Husband said regarding my e-mail to him that Parents ARE FAMILY!

"I was using the Army's terms. Immediate is spouse and kids, extended is everybody else. This has nothing to do with biology or feelings, but who is entitled to live on base and be moved by the Army. You may hate the term, just as for years I hated being called a "dependant', but until the Army changes its lingo you are going to have to live with it. Until then take your complaint to the Pentagon."
And THIS is on a support forum!

Am I being overly sensitive?

I'm going to need ALL the support I can get to make it through this week w/o doing (more) things I might regret. PLEASE e-mail me at work jross (at) everwear (.) net (all together, of course--just trying to avoid the bad guys). THANKS!


Butterfly Wife said...

This is probably one of those times to let it go. Doesn't seem like there is much sense in arguing with someone who isn't going to get it. I heard a wise piece of advice on blogging and commenting: "Don't get caught up in comments." My advice: Don't let this person have that much control over how you feel.

Army Mom Times Three said...

You are right and I've let it go. I had a bad morning all around. This is going to be a tough week but w/ you all helping me, I'll be ok.