Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"So Brave"

Sunday Austin left me a short voicemail -- he sounded very emotional and upset. All he said was, "Mamma, I just wanted to tell you I love you."

I'd misplaced my phone and just got his message this morning. It was several hours until I was able to talk to him to see what was wrong. He said everything was "fine, ok, no problems." Then I asked about the voicemail. . .

Well, his girlfriend had made him a cd about soldiers, war, and saying goodbye to Mom. He's such a big, huggy, kind-hearted guy -- the "saying goodbye to Mom" song got to him and he wanted to talk to me. I have bittersweet feelings about missing the call. I would love to have talked to him, especially at that time, but now I have his emotions recorded. I've let all the ladies at work listen to the message so they could hear how much my son loves me. I'm so proud!

Austin didn't have the cd with him and couldn't remember the name of the song. I looked online and found this and it is absolutely beautiful. It might not me THAT song, but it was written by a soldier's mother. The title of the song is "So Brave". The website has stories and pictures. You can hear more of the song here. Go to both w/ a tissue.


Butterfly Wife said...

The missed call. When that happens to me, I tell myself that I was not meant to speak to my husband at that moment.

liberal army wife said...

see, told ya! he's fine.

I have a bunch of missed call messages on my answering machine. DH and my grandbaby babbling.


Stan68ar said...


- as both a soldier myself and father of two soldiers I understand the anxious moments wating for the next call or E-mail.... you won't relax - thats ok - funnel the energy as your doing now... be positive and respect their decisions (it made it much easier for me to talk with my parents knowing they supported me over 24 years of service) You have every right to be proud....Those that support soldiers are patriots too.